A Simple Strategy for Widespread Mission Mobilization

God is growing a focus on mission mobilization in His body around the world today. It’s as if the Lord is calling attention for His global Church to prioritize the Great Commission in a more deliberate way than ever before. Mission mobilization momentum will only grow and mature in the years and decades ahead as He sounds the trumpet.

Over the last decade many mobilization courses, trainings, and tools have sprung up that were not around before.  Each of these play a crucial role in the overarching purpose of mission mobilization.

We are living in a historic time. Never before has the global body of Christ been larger nor more ethnically diverse. Never before has a potential harvest force from every continent and region been readied and prepared by God to engage with His Great Commission.

Over the last decade, I have been asking the Lord a question. Just as we are familiar in mission circles with “saturation church planting,” is there be a corresponding concept of “saturation mission mobilization?”

I have come to wholeheartedly believe there is. But how? Let me share how SVM2, as an international mission mobilization initiative, has been led by God.

This simple strategy is the result of over 15 years of God’s leading, trial and error, learning, listening, watching, and seeking God related to widespread global mission mobilization.

It is a “slice” of the overall mission mobilization “pie” God is raising up today. It is not the only slice, as we need many approaches in our corporate calling, but it is an important “slice” nonetheless.

This strategy is based on the fundamental principle that God is interested in not only mobilizing individuals but mobilizing and equipping entire local ministries. As many of the world’s cultures are communal in worldview, it is necessary to mobilize them as “communities.”

Individual local ministries prioritizing cross-cultural mission is God’s primary strategy in mobilizing and equipping His people for the Great Commission. We have made tremendous strides over the years in developing proven mission mobilization tools serving local ministries (churches, youth groups, campus ministry fellowships, Bible schools).  

We call an individual local ministry community committed to this a “Great Commission Ministry.” These ministries implement three general action points: (1) Cultivating Abandoned Devotion to Jesus (2) Implementing the Four Core Components (3) Developing a Sending Strategy. A 130-page resource called the Handbook for Great Commission Ministries provides in-depth teaching, tools and helps necessary to accomplish this.

More recently we have been led into an effective strategy for seeing more than just a handful of local ministries mobilized as Great Commission Ministries. What might it look like to see a whole denomination, church network or campus ministry organization within a nation empowered to multiply their individual local churches and fellowships as Great Commission Ministries? Could we literally see multitudes of National Mobilization Initiatives raised up?

God led us to develop two core reproducible mobilization and equipping events serving this saturation process.

Great Commission Seminars are half-day meetings in individual local churches and campus ministry fellowships for the purpose of educating, inspiring and activating local ministries as Great Commission Ministries. These are reproduced across a host of national ministry structures.

IGNITE Training Courses are in-depth, four-day courses enabling and empowering the leaders of Great Commission Ministries to effectively implement the action points for guiding their ministry on this journey.

Who reproduces these core mobilization events? Leaders are chosen from their ministry structures to participate in a two-day Coordinator Training.

Coordinator Trainings are held in a variety of cities in a nation. They empower leaders as “Coordinators” with tools to effectively reproduce Great Commission Seminars and IGNITE Training Courses among local churches and fellowships across their national ministry structures. Because they are already members of that ministry structure, Coordinators are trusted and credible.

Coordinators work to saturate their ministry structures with Great Commission Seminars producing hundreds of Great Commission Ministries, who in turn mobilize and equip their own members. There may be several Coordinators within each ministry structure depending on its size nationally.

Over time Great Commission Ministries produce disciples with global mission vision engaging in their specific, God-given roles in the Great Commission. Such local ministries become engaged in sending message bearer teams to unreached ethnic peoples near and distant to them.

Take a moment to dream with me and imagine the ripple effects…

Imagine the body of Christ in your nation…Imagine multiple Coordinators within half of the denominations and ministry structures…Imagine these reproducing the two core mobilization events hundreds of times…

Imagine hundreds of pastors and leaders guiding their local ministries as Great Commission Ministries…Imagine thousands of believers in these ministries burning with global mission vision…Imagine hundreds of message bearer teams sent to the unreached anointed by the Holy Spirit.

The ripple effects are endless through a simple strategy for saturation mission mobilization.

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