Beholding Jesus’ Supremacy

By Ryan Shaw

The success of the mission movement and a returning of the Church to our first love, have a direct correlation. To move closer to fulfilling Jesus’ last command in Matthew 28, we want to be a people possessing fresh revelation of the King as He is.

The quality of every message bearer’s spiritual life, including character, devotion to the Lord and the inner footprint of the revelation of Jesus, will produce new believers in the nations growing to be equally as deep and mature. Going deeper in the splendid revelation of Jesus changes us from the inside out. This is what will impact the nations.

There is a cry arising among the people of God. It is a deep desire to know the risen Lord in a real, intimate manner. Our spirit yearns and longs for the fullness of our inheritance.

This cry is born of a heart often dulled and weak as it relates with the world and with God. Something in the core of our being knows we were created for more. We recognize our lives are not what they could be in God.

Jesus has prescribed through His Word the way to live free from this dullness and lack of passion for God. We hunger for our full inheritance and it is God Himself who has deposited this hunger within us.

God has laid a banqueting table before born again believers. It is a table rich with all that Jesus accomplished for human beings through His death, resurrection and ascension.

As a new creation in Christ I have (1) access to forgiveness of sin, (2) the life of Christ being given to me to overcome sin, (3) power to become holy as He is holy, (4) enabling to reach the glorious heights of relationship with the Father that Jesus knew and much more.

It is a sobering fact to consider how little of this available inheritance believers in every era of church history have partaken.

There is a crisis across the body of Christ globally today. We have lost our sense of worshiping, loving and obeying Jesus as “All in All”.

Though we may hold to certain doctrinal truths, in our practice we’ve made Him out to be much less than who He is in His all-sufficiency. Our lives often betray we still look to ourselves and others to be our “All” yet Jesus rarely is given this opportunity within us.

One author has put it this way, “The crisis of supremacy rises inside the Church wherever Christians are paralyzed by a significant shortfall in the way they understand the person of the Son of God, His leadership in the purposes of God, His distribution of the resources of God and His honor from the people of God.”

Are we truly beholding the One whom Scripture depicts as:

  • Sovereign Son of the Father
  • Triumphant Victor Over Every Foe
  • Glorious Conqueror – the Dominating Personality for all Ages to Come
  • Unequivocal Commander of Heaven’s Hosts
  • Indisputable Judge of Peoples and Nations
  • Undeniable Ruler of History
  • Incomparable King of an Empire
  • Irreplaceable Head and Heart of a People Bought with His Own Blood
  • Reigning Redeemer of a Universal Church
  • Supreme Lord of all Time and Space

Often it appears we are worshiping a creation of our own and not truly the One whom the Scripture declares inhabits Eternity. The Holy Spirit is beckoning a fresh emphasis on beholding the Supremacy of our Lord Jesus Christ as He is in the Church globally.

This is the pathway to a step by step laying hold of the inheritance Jesus has made available to believers. As the Church returns to a lifestyle of walking in the unparalleled greatness and glories of Jesus, she will be buoyed in Spirit and again soar the way she was intended.

She will experience the inheritance that is rightfully hers yet that she has been largely neglecting. In doing so, her impact on the nations will be ever more powerful.

Learn more about Jesus’ supremacy and living from this core reality in the below in depth study of the book of Colossians. This study will take you deeper in laying hold of your inheritance as you  grow in adoration for Jesus as He is.


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