Engaging the 7 Spheres of Society with the Gospel – Part 2

By Stanley Ow Chong Kheng
Stanley is the SVM2 National Lead Facilitator in Singapore.

7 spheres of society

Salt, light and stars are Biblical examples used to describe us as transformation agents. “You are the light of the world.” (Matthew 5:14)We are to be seen and known for our faith, lives and practices. We live out our lives in the 7 major spheres of society –

Arts & Entertainment;

Business, Science & Technology;

Communication & Media;

Disadvantages & Marginalized;

Education & School;

Family & Home;

Government & Leadership.

We must ask ourselves if we are shaping our culture with the gospel or if our culture is shaping us.

“You are the salt of the earth (influence and effectiveness).” (Matthew 5:13)

“So that you may become blameless and pure… in which you shine like stars in the universe.” (Philippians 2:15)


Strong families come from the equipping of the Church (Ephesians 4). A strong church builds strong Christian families and homes. It understands the roles and responsibilities before God (Ephesians 5). Husbands become the ‘priest’ with his wife and children looking forward to the time between God and family. Christian families set the pattern for others.


Can believers and message bearers lead the sphere of influence with the expertise and calling? How is your spiritual foundation? Are you focused in what you are doing?

Philips translation warned you not be squeeze into the world’s mould’ in Romans. Can you handle temptations, fame and celebrity status? “Go for it!” if you are an overcomer.

God has given you the capacity to lead and influence others. Form small supportive groups with prayer environment in which the focus of the group attention shifts from the self and one another to God.

Ask God for a new set of skills and capacities while you engage. Let God be the center of your conversation and allow God to shape the focus. Shift the creative imagination and possibility to the society whom He loves.


Christians and message bearers can be leaders in business, science and technology. He has given us the wisdom of the mind, diligence to invent and capacity to lead.

Read an interesting newsletter about China on Wenzhou called ‘the Jerusalem of China.’ BBC news article focused on a factory in Wenzhou city in SW China owned by a Christian businessman.

“At the Boteli Valve Group factory, the owner shared that the senior managers gather together each Monday morning to pray about the work of the company. Staff are encouraged to attend an on-site Christian fellowship once a week.’ (Antioch Missions 3)

Is it possible? Of course it is God’s will and desire for us to engage.


Another key is Education. It provides understanding, wisdom and knowledge (Proverbs). Education brings improvements and changes to societies. It raises our living standard out of the poverty circle.

Christian education focuses on godly character, Christian values and creative imagination. Students are eager to learn godly truth from His Word in their formation years. Be message bearers of faith, integrity and mentor others with this same mindset.

We can be the best spiritual leaders in all spheres of society based on God’s truth and teachings. We have the capacity to lead because of His impartation and grace. Serve, for example, in the political realm as if only the welfare of the people mattered, instead of looking to self-interest and self-indulgence.

We should desire to improve and assist the livelihood of the people with a servant-hood mentality regardless of language, race or religion. Serve with fairness, clear judgment and the fear of the Lord and not the fear of man. (Romans 13).

With these in mind, practice conviction to reach out and assist the Disadvantages and Marginalized. There are always the poor and needy, yet God never loses sight of them. God’s heart and thoughts are always for them. When we show kindness and care to them, the Lord says that we are doing it to Him. (Matthew 25) The poor always remind us of who we are and they too can know Him and have a transformed life.

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