Global Harvest Prayer Room Strategy

One of the ways God has set up to propel us toward these results is the means of communal space dedicated to such prayer/ worship/ intercession. An ongoing corporate prayer room provides a holy atmosphere of dwelling and abiding with Jesus. This environment enables ongoing, consistent prayer seeking the face of God in specific, Spirit-led ways. It involves God’s people, representing various ministries, organizations, churches, and training programs across the city, committing to focused, targeted, effective prayer during specific time slots (1-hour prayer sessions) per week.

God has used this pattern throughout history to cultivate ongoing worship and prayer for spiritual awakening and the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Behind the scenes, God is speaking to many in Chiang Mai along this line. It is not about an organization or ministry but responding to His corporate invitation to seek His face and “Ask of Me” in an ongoing way. Great confidence that He is orchestrating a fresh move of God is rising and that an initial step is obeying Him in faithful, consistent, perseverant daily prayer and intercession for global harvest.

The Global Harvest Prayer Room exists to provide a neutral atmosphere where consistent prayer and intercession mixed with devoted worship and adoration is offered to the Lord. We want to see the preeminence of Christ experienced in Chiang Mai, Thailand and throughout the earth.

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