Live God Sized

By Paul Van Der Werf
Paul is the national lead facilitator for Student Volunteer Movement 2 – USA.

There’s nothing like summer: vacation, camps, mission trips and of course, the summer blockbuster movies. Most of the great summer movies that we love are about superheroes and super adventures.

I think part of the reason that all of us like these larger than life movies is because God has created us to be about something bigger than ourselves, even larger than life. He wants us be a part of God-sized things…

If you want to see extraordinary things happen in your life, then you need to take a step of faith. After all, if you want to walk on water, you’ve got to step out of the boat.

When I (Paul) was in college, I would read my bible and long to experience the amazing experiences of the Old Testament and see the miracles that happen on every page of the gospels. I’d read stories of old and recent believers who experienced God in a way that I hadn’t.

I longed to experience these great experiences, and was wondering why my life seemed, at least compared to the stuff I was reading, pretty ordinary.

That’s when I was challenged to start taking some steps to allow God to do some amazing things. As long as I kept things in my control, and attempted only things that I calculated I could accomplish, then the results would be ‘Paul-sized.’

I felt that there was action all around me and I wanted to be a part of something amazing, and actually experience the power of God. So, like Peter, I realized that the first thing I needed to do was to listen to Jesus’ voice, stand up, and take a step out of the boat.

That’s what faith is. It’s being sure of Who is calling us and confident in His abilities and plans.

So, I stepped out of the boat, and that led me to travel across the Atlantic ocean and spend a year evangelizing relativist and hedonist students and travelers in the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

When I did that, then I got to see the miracles and experience the power of God. It was when I went after something God-sized that I got a glimpse of the power and the freedom that comes from a life of faith.

Does this sound familiar? Are you sitting in the boat? It’s time to stand up, and listen to your Lord, and take a step of faith!

For examples of people who attempted God sized things, even though their resources and circumstances seemed so small, check out:

~Esther~David~Moses~Joshua~Paul~Rahab~Peter and so many more!

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