Message Bearer Mobilizers – Part 2

By Russ Mitchell
Russ is the field director for One Challenge (OC International) in Romania

Inspired by the Holy Spirit

We can also say that the Psalmist was inspired by God and guided by the Holy Spirit. This is Scripture after all, and we know “that all Scripture is God breathed…” (2 Timothy 3:16). So what is the significance of this? We too must be filled with the Holy Spirit and power and be led by the Spirit.

The Psalmist is a mobilizer.

The Psalmist is not content to keep his knowledge of God to himself. He communicates it to others. And he calls others to partner with God to declare his glory among the peoples. He mobilized people to declare the glad tidings of God’s greatness locally and also globally.

He motivates not only by telling people what they should do, but also by bringing to surface the great motives why they should do so.

The Psalmist is a model for others.

He knows God and loves God. He makes God’s glory known and calls others to do the same. He is a good example to follow.

Message Bearer Mobilizers Today

Mobilizers have a strategic role in seeing the Great Commission fulfilled in our time. If we clearly understand our mandate to declare God’s glory among all peoples, we can quickly size up our task: at least two-thirds of the people in the world do not know, love or worship God.

Forty-one percent (41%) of the world’s population live in people groups beyond the influence of a viable, life giving community of believers. Twenty eight percent (28%) of the world’s population has never even heard of Jesus!

There is still much to do to present all peoples as worshippers before the Lord. To significantly change this situation, hundreds of thousands of new message bearers are needed to tell these multitudes about the glorious deeds of God.

From Romans 10:14-15 we know people are not going to be saved without a preacher (or message bearer) and these must be sent. Well, preachers will not preach and senders will not send if they are not first mobilized, hence the crucial role of mobilizers today.

Thousands of mission mobilizers are needed to release the prayer, financial, human and material resources needed to make a significant advance toward completing the task of declaring God’s excellent greatness to all peoples.

Without mobilizers, this task, the Great Commission, will simply not be fulfilled.

Already there are scores of pastors, youth leaders, teachers, presbyters, etc. who are in positions to mobilize God’s people to declare his glory among the nations. These are the key people to mobilize.

These leaders have already have positions of influence and could use this influence to move people toward doing God’s will. Do they have, however, the vision?

More importantly, do they have passion for God’s glory?

And let us also ask ourselves; does the ethos of Scripture flow from us? Do we know God? Do we love God? Do we have God’s vision? Are we humble and filled with the Holy Spirit? Do we model for others a missional life style? Are we equipping others? Are we communicating creatively? Are we mobilizing others?

Are you a message bearer mobilizer?

Ask yourself if what is true about the Psalmist is also true about you. How well do you fit the mobilizer profile? Are you using your position and influence to mobilize God’s people to do God’s will?

Use the previously mentioned observations made about the Psalmist as a check list to evaluate your own life and ministry. What adjustments are needed in your life to see that God’s glory is declared to all peoples?

May God work into your life all that is necessary to do His will, that you may be able to mobilize others to declare His glory among the nations.

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