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Who Are the Unreached and Unengaged?

Sam Kputu, International Director, Calvary Ministries (CAPRO)

What is the Great Commission really all about? Sam Kputu unpacks three important aspects we need to understand to be able to accomplish the Great Commission in our lifetime. Laying out the current state of the world’s population, he shows us where the gospel has not yet gone. He clearly defines how we are to enter into missions and what true missions is all about.

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The Six Primary Roles in the Great Commission

Joel Iyorwa, International Alliance Facilitator, SVM2

The Great Commission is often reduced to those who give and those who go. However, there are so many more roles needed to fulfill the Great Commission. Joel breaks down six different roles any believer in the body of Christ could fulfill with the view that every believer will fulfill at least one of them. This understanding will revolutionize and galvanize the church into wholehearted involvement in the Great Commission.

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Principles of Rapid Reproducing Church Planting Movements

Brother Steve, Empower Mission

Church planting movements are key to seeing the Great Commission fulfilled in this generation. Brother Steve delves into the marks of church planting movements and how to see these movements birthed among unreached and unengaged people groups. These church planting movements are radically different from the traditional church model. Why is this new model necessary? What makes it effective? Learn more about church planting movements today.

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The Power of Intercession in the Great Commission

Ellen Peters, PI International

Prayer is the key to seeing the Great Commission fulfilled. Without prayer, the Great Commission would be impossible. In our own strength, we could never see the Great Commission accomplished but through dependence, upon Christ, we will see the nations given a culturally relevant witness of the gospel. Jesus lived His life through the power of prayer and He commanded us first to pray for the Great Commission to be fulfilled before He ever commanded us to go. Now is the time to enter into prayer and partner with Christ to see His passion for every creature to hear the good news fulfilled.

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Cultivating an Identity As We Serve Among the Unreached

Brother Fred, Assistant International Director, PI International

Entering into a new country, culture and context presents many new challenges. One of the most important to address is answering the question most often asked upon arriving, “Who are you and what do you do?” The first part is easy but the second part can be quite challenging if we haven’t thought through all of the implications of the different words we use. Part of being able to share the gospel is having a credible witness. Having an identity that people understand is key to building relationships and creating a culture of trust within the community.

Principles of Contextualizing the Gospel Among the Unreached

Dr. R. Daniel Shaw, Senior Professor, Fuller Graduate School of Intercultural Studies

As we are going, we must bear the message of the gospel in a culturally relevant way in order for the hearers to understand the gift of grace being offered to them. Understanding culture can be difficult unless we first recognize our own and lay down those presuppositions in order to incarnate the gospel for those we are trying to reach. Dr. Shaw helps us to understand the culture and how to effective bear the message in another culture for those to respond.

The Holy Spirit’s Role in the Great Commission

Ryan Shaw, International Lead Facilitator for SVM2

The Holy Spirit is essential to fulfilling the Great Commission. The Great Commission is an impossible task apart from the power and dynamic ministry of the Holy Spirit in the life of the message bearers and in the hearts of those unreached and unengaged we are trying to reach. Ryan Shaw unpacks how the Holy Spirit can help us to see the Great Commission fulfilled.

Spiritual Characteristics of a Thriving Message Bearer

Ryan Shaw, International Lead Facilitator for SVM2

The demands of crosscultural ministry can be overwhelming and draining, leading to discouragement and burnout. All of our strategies and methodologies are useless if we are incapable of living holy, faithful lives God intends for us. Ryan teaches how we can partner with God to experience Jesus’ transforming power and presence.

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