Mobilization prayer community

An International Prayer Chain Contending For the Global Church Through “Mobilization Prayer” 

What? – Inspired by the unbroken Moravian “100 Year Prayer Meeting” of the 1700’s, the Mobilization Prayer Community is an ongoing, day by day virtual prayer chain, broken into one hour prayer slots, with at least two individuals/ small groups devoted each hour to focused “Mobilization Prayer.” Read an article on Mobilization Prayer here. 
A Unique Opportunity – Mobilization Prayer, implemented in this focused way, has seemingly never been undertaken in history in a widespread way across the Church. But because of Jesus’ passion of engaging His whole Church in His purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission, He is inspiring His Church with Mobilization Prayer in this hour of history.
Who? – Individuals, local churches, small groups, campus ministry fellowships, representing global, regional and national mission associations, denominations, church networks, mission networks, mission sending organizations, campus ministry organizations and mobilization ministries.

How Does It Work? (the step by step process)

(1) Go to the Mobilization Prayer Calendar to see what daily hours are available. Commit your group to a one hour prayer slot every week, month or quarter.

(2) Sign Up and Complete the form stating your desired prayer slot and how often your group will pray (weekly, monthly or quarterly)

(3) Receive confirmation from the Mobilization Prayer Community team that the one hour slot you desired is yours.

(4) Download the daily Scriptures, prayer points and focal regions and/or nations for your particular day to stand in the gap for with Mobilization Prayer.

(5) At your committed one hour prayer slot time gather a group to pray wherever you are along the lines of the Mobilization Prayer content provided.

(6) Leave testimonies/ reports/ pictures of what the Lord might have been speaking to you during your one hour slot

Sponsored By: GMMI in collaboration with the following associations, networks, organizations and ministries.

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