Operating in Jesus’ Authority – Part 1

By Ryan Shaw

The teaching of the Bible is that Satan has been defeated by the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This “defeat” means there is freedom available, through Christ, to overcome the outworking of death & sin that once was the only end of all human beings.

Every human being is now free to choose “life” by believing Jesus’ blood is sufficient to pay for the penalty of sin which they are guilty.

Until the Second Coming of Christ, however, Satan still carries significant weight and destructive impact. His ultimate destination is sure, yet in the meantime his strategy of stealing, killing and destroying everything possible is fully in place.

But God has not left us helpless. Operating in Jesus’ delegated authority through prayer is the primary weapon Jesus intends to defeat Satan and demonic influence in everyday situations. It is also His means of accomplishing His global purpose among the most unreached and hardened people to the gospel.

Many believers generally neglect this central tool and not understand (or use) the basis of its widespread authority. What is the extent of the spiritual authority God has given to the body of Christ?

At the end of the book of Matthew in chapter 28 verse 18, Jesus states words that are staggering when considered in depth. Just prior to His famous “Great Commission” command, He states the foundation on which this calling is to be based.

Jesus declares emphatically, “All authority has been given unto Me in heaven and on earth!” What was Jesus referring to when talking about His authority?

He was teaching His disciples (and every believer since who calls on His name) the extent of the authority He was delegating to them.

The proactive use of Jesus’ delegated authority enables us to live in victory against every fiery dart which the evil one brings against the people of God on a regular basis.

This victory is possible because of the historical facts of Jesus’ death, His resurrection and defeat of the power of death. As a result, every believer subsequently can take a stand upon these truths. In doing so we declare that demonic influences must go from oppressing our lives, ministries, families, physical bodies, finances, mental conditions and more.

Jesus, as fully man, willingly laid down His life and died for the sins of all. Then resurrected as fully man, He was the only One capable of breaking Satan’s stronghold of spiritual death over every human being throughout all history.

Though Jesus has provided this through historical fact, we must make conscious decisions to proactively use this authority in our day to day lives.

This authority is available to every believer equally because of God’s extraordinary love being shown for each of us. It is also based on the connection we have with Jesus in the present moment through the Holy Spirit dwelling in us.

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