Studies In Matthew 24 & 25 Jesus’ End-Times Discourse

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Studies In Matthew 24 & 25 Jesus’ End-Times Discourse

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The center-piece passage of the Bible, from the mouth of Jesus Himself, revealing the end-time storyline are the two chapters of Matthew 24 & 25. This is Jesus’ largest teaching of the end-times. Though it is necessary to consider all the end-time passages, looking intently at the words of Jesus takes priority. These two passages reveal a clear chronological progression of the end-time events and processes of which Jesus intends the global Church to be intricately aware. The study of the end-time is commonly fraught with misunderstanding. Many believers shy away from it, claiming how confusing and apparently unclear it is. The big-picture purpose of God in this age is His working through the global Church to fulfill His Great Commission. This vital purpose of God is dynamically connected with events unfolding throughout history leading to the end of this present age. We find this truth revealed in both the Old and New Testaments. Gaining this understanding strengthens the global Church to be faithful, facing what is coming (both the crises and the glory) with clarity and boldness as events unfold.


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