Studies in the Book of Jonah

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Studies in the Book of Jonah

Paperback: 62 pages
Publisher: Ignite Media (December 11, 2012)
Language: English

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The experiences of Jonah are an invitation to go deep with God to eradicate bias and hatred from our heart, that we presently might not admit (or even realize). As true believers in Jesus we are not off this world and do not live for its ends.

Instead, a deep love and desire for the eternal welfare of others overtakes us and begins to motivate us because of a response to God’s love for us. Deep in the heart of every human being resides a self-centered tendency toward what is known, understood and comfortable. The incessant pull to slip back into self-centered living is impossible to overcome apart from Jesus.

A consistent, day-by-day posturing in Him allows our spirits to be bolstered with spiritual vibrancy and sensitivity as we consistently set our naturally cold hearts before the flame of His all consuming fire. Jonah teaches us great lessons about the right heart posture in serving God among the nations. Studying this little book and letting it touch our hearts will set us on a new and vibrant course in the Lord.


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