Swaziland Testimony

By Paul Van Der Werf
Paul is the national lead facilitator for Student Volunteer Movement – USA.

When we look at the globe, it’s obvious that there are many God-sized tasks. There is so much pain, hurt and hopelessness in the world, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start. Author and teacher Bruce Wilkinson offers a very simple place to start: with God’s will.

Not with our abilities, resources or potential. No, we need to start with asking ourselves what God’s will for a given people, and then ask God to show us how we can see God’s will be done. That’s how the Beat the Drum initiative started – with the goal of seeing the tide of AIDS/HIV turned around.

To read a little about how over 900 university students from three nations invested their summer in the God-sized task of seeing AIDS/HIV crisis in Swaziland be turned by challenging students to commit to abstinence, click http://www.svm2.net/index.cfm?PAGE_ID=175

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