The Power of a Focused Life in Mobilization

By Ryan ShawGeneral Editor

Mission mobilization is growing as a credible ministry entity across the body of Christ. In the process God is raising up voices within individual denominations, organizations and church networks who sound the trumpet and equip local ministries in practical mobilization. We call these voices “mobilizers.”

In order for mobilizers to effectively accomplish the mobilization work God has set before us, it is necessary to embrace a focused life. I have observed over 20 years in mobilization ministry that it is easy to start well in mobilization yet to become easily distracted as time goes by.

All those who have been effectively used by God to accomplish His will and purpose through their lives, in any particular area of ministry, have possessed a focused life, staying the course, even over a long period of time.

It is common to find those who may be involved in mobilization for a season and then move on. I would suggest one of the items the Spirit is saying to His Church is that in the coming years multitudes of leaders will take up the mantle as mobilizers, not for a season but for a lifetime.

There is tremendous spiritual power released through a focused life. And we want to grow as mobilizers possessing a growing focused life in what God has called us to be about in mobilization.

Not understanding mobilization in a one-dimensional way but as the comprehensive call of helping the global Church prioritize her core DNA as God’s multiplying, reproducing, message bearing people.

In my own life and ministry, I have watched how God revealed clarity and new understanding related to aspects of mobilization over time. Mission mobilization is a large, complex, multi-faceted entity. We don’t start out in mobilization ministry and fully grasp all the levels and strategies the Spirit has. He unveils it step by step as we are faithful with the previous step.

This is a reason I am a huge fan of diligence and perseverance in mobilization. Not giving up after a particular season. How many of us have cut off what God intended to teach us about some aspect of the Great Commission, or mobilization in particular, because we didn’t continue in faithfulness and obedience.

Growing with a focused life means deliberately and intentionally being faithful in at least the following three areas. These are to be applied specifically to our calling as trumpets bringing emphasis to the Great Commission within multitudes of ministry structures globally.

First, we want to identify a clear vision of our life purpose. As mobilizers it is important to recognize that mobilization can and is a lifetime calling. Without a clear vision from the Lord we live aimlessly, even as committed disciples.

When I was 23 God impressed on my heart one day that when I was 26 I would begin my life’s work. In the last month before turning 26 years old I began work in mobilization. That was 21 years ago and I have no plans of stopping being heavily involved in mobilization any time soon.

One of the best ways to help someone grow in discipline in their life is to help them identify a clear vision for their life. To seek God and discern by the Spirit what He has set before them related to being engaged in mobilization.

I encourage believers to develop a life purpose statement. Laying out in writing what they believe God has called them to be about in several categories – in spiritual life, family life, ministry life. I wrote my first life purpose statement when I was in my mid-20’s. It was just a few sentences long.

Over the last 20 years that statement has gotten longer, with many more specifics, as the Lord revealed things along the way that I was to dedicate myself to. You can find my Life Purpose Statement here as an example.

Second, once we are clear on our general life vision we want to consider goals (short term and longer term) that will enable us to move in the direction of the life vision. Next, we consider practical steps that will allow us to attain those goals.

Our life vision will be most effective when we have measurable goals and practical steps to achieve those goals along with a time management plan. A time management schedule helps us plot out time allotments to accomplish the practical steps, measurable goals and ultimately, the life vision God has given us.

Time is one of the move valuable life resources we’ve been given. To accomplish our life vision we must recognize the importance of using our time wisely. It is tempting to get caught up in the “tyranny of the urgent.” Particularly in ministry and mobilization. Instead, we want to live each day with focus on our overarching life purpose.

Third, as mobilizers pursuing a focused life, we want to be people of the Word. This means faithfully growing in mastering the overall themes of each book of the Bible as well as studying in depth particular books that appeal specifically to you. A practical way to do this is to develop a Bible Study Action Plan.  

This also includes becoming focused students of Great Commission themes throughout Scripture as well as mobilization themes. The Bible’s grand overarching narrative reveals the redemptive plan, purpose and vehicle God has chosen for humanity while also specifying who we are in our core DNA.

Mobilization themes in Scripture help us recognize that God has in His heart to see His global Church come into maturity in cooperating with His eternal redemptive plans in the Great Commission. Thus, it becomes necessary to allow the Spirit to teach us His Word from a Great Commission and even a mobilization perspective.

Mobilization is not mainly about trying to get believers involved in missions but in helping the Church come into alignment, agreement with the very heartbeat of God revealed from Genesis to Revelation for all humanity. We must be focused people of the Word to faithfully accomplish this. Spiritual authority, absolutely necessary in mobilization, is derived as we become mobilizers “clothed with the Word of God.”

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