By Adam Nash

Adam is a student leader at Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

What a tragedy

Caffeine, T.V., the polluted mainstream

Infect, delude, distract

Pumping counterfeits though our bloodstream

We smile politely as we judge

How long must we feast on poison

Our eyes are candy coated and glazed

Like a spoiled child we play with the packaging

As the product pours past

Earnest compromise is not enough

When will we stop building our castles

On the sands of selfish, prideful greed?

Are you thirsty yet?

Or does the hollowness of the counterfeit have you captivated? Are you tired of chasing the wind? Or do you just want another carrot that looks juicier than the last? Are you sick of your addictions? How long must we drink polluted streams? Has the consumer machine left your insides hollow, your fuel tank empty?

Its time to let it all go

To pry open our fists

White knuckles over razor wire

Feel raw, the coma has passed numbness is gone

Tune your ears to His voice, to heavenly music

Let the chords resound in you, deep ripples in the well of your soul, Drink from the source, pure flow from the thrown Life surging through your veins Stumble, laugh, cry, jump, crawl, sprint Be real, the cataracts fall off Come and see, come and see Spread wide your wings, the chains are off You are healed, you are free

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