Giving that Mobilizes the Global Church

Help Equip Ministry Leaders From the Global South To Implement and Multiply Effective Mission Mobilization

GMMI’s Global Mobilization Institute exists to provide cutting-edge, practical leadership training schools emphasizing core areas for effective implementation of mission mobilization in the global Church. The various schools of the Institute primarily take place in Chiang Mai, Thailand serving Asia while this past year we have expanded to facilitate schools serving African leaders in three regions across the continent.

Our target fundraising goal for facilitating the various Global Mobilization Institute training schools (six) and programs (Mobilization Think Tank and STEP Program) during 2023-2024 is $30,000 USD. 

All Institute training school participants are ministry leaders from non-western, global south, churches and organizations. GMMI significantly subsidizes the training costs to make these opportunities the most accessible. 

Would you consider making a special gift to enable GMMI to facilitate Global Mobilization Institute schools and special programs?

  • Cover cost of 1 participant’s books and materials = $35 USD
  • Cover cost of 1 participant’s food = $100 USD
  • Cover cost of 1 participant’s accommodation = $200 USD 
  • Cover cost of 1 participant’s tuition cost in Africa = $250 USD 
  • Cover cost of 1 participant’s tuition cost in Chiang Mai = $450 USD 
  • Cover cost of 1 participant in the eight-month program in Chiang Mai called the STEP Program = $2,000 USD

All gifts are tax deductible for US citizens.

Checks can be made payable to “GMMI” and sent to:

100 County Road 263

Armstrong, MO 65230