school of mobilization theology

The School of Mobilization Theology (SOMT) equips participants with a Biblical theology of mission mobilization. Mobilization, as a unique ministry entity separated yet connected to global mission itself, is deeply rooted in both Old and New Testaments and in need of a clearly defined theology. With where God is taking the global Church in mission mobilization, it is necessary to study “Mobilization Theology” and work to see it integrated into our Bible Schools, Ministry Training Curriculums, Seminaries as a distinct field of study. 

To understand our approach to mission mobilization please read the article What We Mean By “Mission Mobilization” here. 

SOMT Objectives 

  • Participants will examine the overarching hermeneutic of mobilization as calling the Church to her core identity. 
  • Participants will learn that a core attribute of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are as “mobilizers.” 
  • Participants will discover that mobilization is at the forefront of all God is doing to awaken His global Church and bring in the unreached harvest. 
  • Participants will grasp that every ministry leadership role is Biblically meant to include aspects of mobilization 
  • Participants will understand that Biblically every local ministry is meant to emphasize educating, inspiring and activating their members for the Great Commission. 
  • Participants will recognize particular focal points the global Church is Biblically mobilized to do. 

Who Is the SOMT For? 

Ministry leaders and believers alike interested in studying “Mobilization Theology” with particular focus on Bible School, Seminary, Ministry Training professors, teachers, administrators, directors interested in integrating “Mobilization Theology” in their training situations. 

Cost Includes:

Food (Three Daily Meals), Accommodation, WiFi, All School Materials, Group Outings

Cost Does Not Include: 

Flights To/ From Your Home Country to Chiang Mai, Thailand, Visa Fees, Personal Transportation Around Town, Notebooks, Writing Materials, Eating Out, Non-Essential Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, hair-brush, etc.).  

For more information contact us directly

Partial Scholarships Available. Scholarships are available after being accepted for those coming from certain non-western countries.

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