Mobilization Coordinator Training

Equipping Mobilizers to Reproduce Mobilization Seminars

God is raising the vision of mission mobilization in His global Church today. This includes empowering leaders as mission mobilizers to influence denominations, church networks and organizations for the Great Commission. 

The Mobilization Coordinator Training is an online training equipping leaders within denominational/ church network/ organizational structures nationally to multiply a proven mobilization tool, the Great Commission Seminar, across their structures in a systematic way. 

Great Commission Seminars are one day meetings held within local ministries to educate, inspire, and activate believers with foundational truth and vision related to the fulfillment of the Great Commission. The Great Commission Seminar equips local ministries to then function as a Great Commission Ministry. 

Mobilization Coordinators play an essential role of reproducing Great Commission vision in local churches. Local ministries are in need of purposeful and strategic mobilizers coaching and mentoring them toward emphasizing cross-cultural mission vision as Great Commission Ministries. This online course equips leaders to do just that. 


Each participant in the MCT online course has two months to complete the course. You are free to progress at your own pace yet you must complete the course, and all its assignments, within a two month period of time. The training will begin with postings on the first day of each cohort and all work must be completed by last day of each cohort in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Potential Participants

Participants are ministry leaders who either have a personal desire, or who have been appointed (nominated) by senior leaders within their denomination/ network/ organization to be equipped to mobilize local ministries in their geographical or ministry structure (denomination, church network) as Great Commission Ministries. They are proven, dependable, potentially with a leadership role in a region, area or district of the denomination, etc. and have a vision of effectively reproducing Great Commission Seminars and multiplying local ministries as Great Commission Ministries. 

Practical Outcomes:

  • Skill Development and equipping as a Mobilizer for mission;
  • Empowerment to reproduce and multiply Great Commission Seminars;
  • A deeper, clearer understanding of the Great Commission and vision of the Global Harvest;
  • Tools to coach and mentor local ministries as Great Commission Ministries

Sessions Include:

  1. Mobilization Coordinator Training Overview
  2. Abandoned Devotion: Prioritizing the Inner Life as Mobilizers
  3. What is a Great Commission Seminar?
  4. Facilitating a Great Commission Seminar
  5. What is the Great Commission?
  6. Current Status of the Great Commission
  7. Becoming a Great Commission Ministry
  8. Six Roles for Every Believer