school of mobilization leadership – africa

The Africa School of Mobilization Leadership (SOML) is a one-week program equipping leaders within denominations/ church networks/ organizations to implement proven mission mobilization tools, teachings and strategies for the Great Commission among their ministry structures. Through utilizing a proven step by step mission mobilization strategy, leaders are equipped to implement practical mobilization, using various tools, among many local ministries under their leadership. 

Coming in 2024

SOML Objectives 

  • Leaders will learn a step by step, proven, reproducible mission mobilization strategy to educate, inspire and activate their ministry structures (many local ministries) for the Great Commission. 
  • Leaders will learn to cultivate a discipleship emphasis toward deepening the individual and corporate spiritual life within their ministry structures. 
  • Leaders will grasp and learn to reproduce what God is calling His Church to become in Mission Mobilization.
  • Leaders will learn about current trends in Mission Mobilization along with historical principles in Mobilization to equip them in their Mission Mobilization ministry. 
  • Leaders will develop a focused action plan for implementing focused Mission Mobilization within their ministry structures.
  • Leaders will learn additional leadership skills helpful in leading their ministry structures in Mission Mobilization. 

Who Is the SOML For? 

Leaders overseeing church networks, denominations, organizations, and leaders overseeing regions, areas, districts, states, provinces or cities of networks, denominations, organizations. 

With SOML, I am now more capable to build mission movements! It does not only help in one’s mobilization, it also helps in maturing the mobilizer himself. Highly recommended for every mobilizer!

– Gidd Ray Bruzo, KAIROS Head Facilitator since 2014 , Philippines (Alumni)

Cost Includes: Food (Three Daily Meals), Accommodation, WiFi, All School Materials, Group Outings

Cost Does Not Include: Flights To/ From Your Home Country to Africa, Visa Fees, Personal Transportation Around Town, Notebooks, Writing Materials, Eating Out, Non-Essential Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, hair-brush, etc.).  

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