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Mission Mobilization Chats is a Podcast of Cutting Edge Topics Related to Cross-Cultural Mission and Mission Mobilization Empowering Denominations, Church Networks, Organizations, Local Ministries, and Individual Believers To Engage With God’s Heart In the World.

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12 The Five-Fold Ministries As Types of Mobilizers

The role of Mission Mobilizer is often misunderstood because the global Church has tended to limit and minimize who and what is a Mobilizer. We have generally failed to recognize the wide variety of people and leadership roles that fall into the category of a Mobilizer. This episode considers the five core leadership roles in the global Church (sometimes referred to as the five-fold ministries) and how at their essence each one is meant to be a Mission Mobilizer. Seeing each of these five operating in their foundational role as a Mission Mobilizer will revolutionize the mission movement globally.

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