National Strategy

National Mission Mobilization Strategy

A Mission Mobilization Movement (MMM) refers to a national Church (country) where the GMMI strategy has been adopted by either an umbrella national evangelical/missions body, or by denomination(s) and individual churches and ministries.

Currently, there are several Mission Mobilization Movements (MMM’s) spread across the world, from Latin America to Asia and Africa.

Mission Mobilization Movements (MMM’s) are self-sustained, self-reproducing ministry initiatives utilizing a step by step strategy (see below) enabling a widespread, saturation style, mission mobilization emphasis within denominational, church network and organizational ministry structures. Learn more about the specifics of implementing a Mission Mobilization Movement by reading our GMMI Facilitation Manual

The below strategy can be applied in two simultaneous ways. Across many denominations/ organizations within a nation or within one denomination/ organization where the step by step saturation effect takes place. If you are interested in pursuing the implementation in your denomination or national context, contact us here (Link to Joel’s email).

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