GMMI – Who We Are

GMMI is a resourcing ministry equipping the global church for mission mobilization through practical resources, teaching, training and strategies

The Lord intends the body of Christ in every nation to intentionally engage in His Great Commission – no matter the national percentage of believers, status, poverty, or any other external factor. This takes place among all levels of Jesus’ body – individual disciples, individual local ministries, individual denominations, and church networks as well as national alliances and mission associations. The literal fulfillment of the Great Commission will be the result of the global Church emphasizing cross-cultural mission and the activation of every national body of Christ.

GMMI exists as a resourcing ministry equipping the global church in her core calling of mission mobilization across many nations, denominations, church networks, and organizations. As such, it is not a traditional organization, but an equipping vehicle empowering many ministry structures for focused mission mobilization.

GMMI was founded in August of 2002. Originally taking the name Student Volunteer Movement 2 (SVM2), we believed God wanted to raise a massive, global, mission mobilization movement with the same spirit as the original Student Volunteer Movement (SVM). The SVM lasted more than forty-five years, from 1886 – 1935, having a profound impact on the churches as they began to take the Great Commission more seriously.

The name “SVM2” served us well for 17 years. In 2019, the Lord led the leadership team to reconsider if the name SVM2 was presently best serving the ministry. As a result, we took the name – Global Mission Mobilization Initiative, or GMMI for short, an apt description of the purpose and objective of the work. God was leading us to a new, more descriptive name. SVM2 has become GMMI.

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