GMMI – Who We Are

GMMI serves the global church by providing a blueprint for multiplying mission mobilization movements at every level

God is calling attention to His global Church to prioritize the Great Commission in a more deliberate way than ever before. This is true in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East. Over the last decade many mobilization courses, trainings, and tools have sprung up that were not around before. This is a necessary development as mission mobilization is still not yet prioritized within the global church as it is in the heart of God.

The Lord intends the body of Christ in every nation to intentionally engage in His Great Commission – no matter the national percentage of believers, status, poverty, or any other external factor. This takes place among all levels of His body – individual disciples, individual local ministries, denominations and church networks as well as national alliances and mission associations.

The literal fulfillment of the Great Commission will be the result of a global prioritizing of cross-cultural mission and involvement of every national body of Christ. GMMI serves the global church by providing a blueprint for a widespread, grassroots, saturation-style mission mobilization impact across many nations, denominations and church networks. Such impact changes the landscape of the global church drastically while activating God’s people into His mission.

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GMMI was founded in August of 2002. Originally taking the name Student Volunteer Movement 2 (SVM2), we believed God wanted to raise a massive, global, mission mobilization movement with the same spirit as the original Student Volunteer Movement (SVM). The SVM lasted more than forty-five years, from 1886 – 1935, having a profound impact on the churches as they began to take the Great Commission more seriously.

Starting in 2002 with hosting prayer and worship events on college campuses and churches all over the US and Canada, the Lord blessed the work of SVM2. SVM2 soon expanded internationally, serving campus ministries and churches across the global church with mobilization tools and events.

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The name “SVM2” had served us well for 17 years. Yet the name SVM2 no longer describes what we do nor holds the benefit it once did. In Lilongwe, Malawi in September 2018 a colleague from Malawi listened as Ryan Shaw described SVM2 as an “international mission mobilization initiative.” He suggested that should be the name – Global Mission Mobilization Initiative, or GMMI for short. Our leadership team knew God was leading us to align the work with a new, descriptive name and this was it. SVM2 has become GMMI.

GMMI multiplies mission mobilization movements in three primary ways:

  1. An international strategy of National Mobilization Initiatives (NMI’s) multiplying individual local ministries as Great Commission Ministries.
  2. A Great Commission Equipping Center (GCEC) in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  3. A publishing arm, IGNITE Media, producing high quality mobilization and equipping materials and resources.