Global Harvest Prayer Room

Intercessory prayer is Jesus’ chosen way to release heaven’s resources into action on the earth. It is His primary means of moving His eternal plans and purposes forward. Intercessory prayer refers to prayer on behalf of people, families, cities, nations, and situations, as we stand in their place contending for the will of God, transformation, a conviction of sin and the influence of the kingdom of God among them.

There is a law in the Kingdom of God that this type of intercession, committed to faithfully, will over time produce results. If we will stick with it, aligning with God’s conditions of intercession, He will not fail to act as we seek His face for global harvest among the unreached and unengaged people groups of the world. Read an article about Corporate Prayer

The Global Harvest Prayer Room is a sacred space in Chiang Mai, Thailand, located on the property of the Great Commission Equipping Center, for concerted and consistent worship, prayer and intercession bringing glory and exaltation to Jesus. Read more about the vision for the prayer room here.

The overarching theme of the prayer room is “In All Things, Christ May Have The Preeminence.” The prayer room emphasizes the two-fold mandate of seeking God for spiritual awakening in the global church and the fulfillment of the great commission through global harvest among unreached and unengaged people groups. Read more about the Global Harvest Prayer Room Strategy and Plan here.

Some Core Values Of the Prayer Room Include:

Depth of Praying For Nations – In addition to praying for the unreached/unengaged in each nation, we spend quality time praying for the strengthening and spiritual growth of each national church while also seeking God to develop them with a vision of the Great Commission.

Model of Everyone Participating – We believe in the importance of every believer’s prayers. The prayer room is facilitated to encourage engaged participation in prayer, not merely spectating.

Prayer For the Body of Christ, Not A Particular Ministry or Organization – The prayer room is not the place to pray for individual ministries and their works but to pray for the big picture of the works of God being released in and through the body of Christ as a united entity in the nations.

Intimacy/ Hunger For God – All effective ministry toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission is a result of our intimacy and hunger for God. Much time is spent cultivating our own intimacy with Jesus through worship and also imparting this to believers/ disciples in the nations we pray for.

Learning To Agree In Prayer – When others are praying we are still engaged with God in agreement for what is being prayed. We are learning to listen to the Spirit through agreeing with the prayers of others and continuing in that spiritual vein of prayer.

Currently, corporate Global Harvest Prayer takes place from 8:30 am – 9:30 am Monday through Friday. All are welcome to participate. Contact us for more information.

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