IGNITE Training Course

Equipping Local Ministry Leaders With Proven Mobilization Tools

God desires the Great Commission to be at the center of every local ministry’s emphasis, not on the side or worse yet non-existent. It is His vision to IGNITE vision and understanding of engagement with the Great Commission at the local ministry level. This is primarily accomplished through ministry leadership taking purposeful steps to emphasize mission mobilization within the life of the fellowship. 

The IGNITE Training Course is an in-depth, online training for local ministry leaders and staff to be practically equipped to inspire, educate and activate their local ministry with Great Commission emphasis. Topics considered are essential areas for any local ministry to grow in prioritizing the Great Commission and mission mobilization. Special emphasis is placed on empowering leaders to effectively implement proven mobilization tools within the life of their ministry.

Potential Participants

Course participants are leaders within a local ministry context, either a local church or campus ministry fellowship. This may include pastors, elder teams, mission pastors, campus ministry directors, staff. They are wanting to grow in implementing a proven mission mobilization framework within their local ministry setting. 

Practical Outcomes:

  • Leaders will be envisioned to see their local ministry emphasizing the Great Commission 
  • Leaders will be able to to implement the Four Core Components for Mobilizing Ministries 
  • Leaders will deepen understanding of the concept of Abandoned Devotion for Jesus and ways to implement it. 
  • Leaders will grow in understanding their own leadership and how to use it to serve the Great Commission

Sessions Include:

  • The Great Commission and Its Status
  • Roles for Every Believer 
  • Abandoned Devotion in the Church 
  • Becoming a Great Commission Ministry 
  • Intercessory Prayer 
  • Global Prayer Teams and Great Commission Bible Studies
  • The Future of the Global Church 
  • Mission Forums and the Go Declaration 
  • Effective Leadership in the Great Commission
  • Developing a Great Commission Sending Strategy 

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