Heart Preparation to Serve the Poor – Part 3

By Rev. Gerard Seow

Gerard was called from an early age into full-time service through a divine encounter with the Lamb, both he, his wife and 4 daughters, serve the street communities in Singapore and believe in the unity of the church and the essential mission of every believer to extend the Kingdom of God in heart and mind.

Are you working with the poor? Carrying the torch of the gospel into the inner city? Thinking of doing an internship in the near future? I just want to emphasize this one thing before you get your tickets. Please do not come the expected route.

There is great blessing and protection and victory when you do something so out of the ordinary that your opponent doesn’t know how to react or is caught off guard. Remember, you don’t just want to defeat your opponent, you want to humiliate him so badly that he thinks twice before trying his antics on you again.

While in prayer with some international students, the Lord instructed me to make a CRAZY SOUND. At first, I thought to just do a John Cage number and bang on the piano keyboard in a random manner before the Lord.

But I held back since we were hosting some senior leaders including a Bishop’s son and also some masters and doctoral students studying at a prestigious bible college, including our counterparts from India, Philippines, Burma, Madagascar, etc all very senior and key appointment holders in the Asian theatre of operations.

So here we were assembled and I announced that there was going to be a CRAZY SOUND and that that CRAZY SOUND was going to create the break through we were looking for, in our personal lives, in our churches and respective nations and target populations. For example, that that CRAZY SOUND was going to release the angels into the brothels in Geylang where we ourselves could not go.

Half way through my own Song of madness… I stopped abruptly and declared to my very distinguished audience of clerics: I said: ‘What we need is a sound, a CRAZY SOUND or a shout… ’

Actually I was thinking of doing the ‘Haka war dance’ I had learnt from our Maori friends…similar to what the All Blacks do just before they engage their ‘enemy’ on the rugby pitch.

But before I could open my mouth (Psalm 81) the Lord intervened. He caused one of the Nagaland professors to give out one of the loudest shrieks that was a cross between the haka and a yodel. How crazy is that? It was CRAZY, just pure unadulterated crazy-ness! An authentic Nagaland victory yell as the Spirit rose up in that otherwise introverted academic.

It was CRAZY for Abraham to leave UR with no road map
It was CRAZY for Isaac to dig wells in a time of famine
It was CRAZY for Jacob to wrestle with an angel

I believe this is a call to prepare the way for unusual times ahead. Don’t be surprised if the Lord works differently than from His previous move: sometimes God uses a human switch to trigger the next move, and that someone could be you! UNDERMIND YOUR ENEMY’s advances THROUGH A HOLY MADNESS and work to knock him off balance.

It was MADNESS for Mary to believe she was pregnant
It was MADNESS for Magdela to let down her hair
It was MADNESS for Rhoda to open the door!

I believe, everyone of you has a unique and CRAZY SOUND to share, one that is going to jam the demonic air waves and cause confusion to break out the camp of the enemy… We’ve made great strides in (governmental) prayer that has resulted (we think) in the closing down of a number of brothels this area. But we are not about to take our foot off the pedal, not just yet.

Do you have a missional assignment that seems to defy logic and human reasoning? Then make a CRAZY SOUND unto the LORD. Open your mouth and the LORD will fill it.

Your own original CRAZY SOUND may not be a sound that you make with your throat or tongue like that Nagaland professor, but if your idea, concept or strategy originates from God, is done His way and in His timing, then it is definitely going to drive your enemy ‘crazy’ and force enough errors on his part to give you the advantage.

Don’t just pull out the carpet under his feet. Rip off the roof that is over his head. When he runs out of the house in terror let him see his precious crops destroyed with the holy LOCUST of combined, united and determined prayer. Then go and eat your HONEY.

Your neighborhood has a destiny she must fulfill. She was born and will live to seize this day. But she has reasons that the Church knows not of. She does things that God will judge but thankfully the heaven’s are presently undisturbed. There is still time. That truth will set her free.

Every community can bless God!

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