Handbook for Great Commission Ministries

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Handbook for Great Commission Ministries

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The Handbook for Great Commission Ministries provides the core content necessary for any local ministry to implement proven tools for producing mission vision and passion in the lives of believers. The Handbook is a rich resource overcoming some of the common obstacles ministries face in encouraging their people with cross-cultural mission vision.

These proven tools are the primary God has always used to awaken His people to their Great Commission calling. They are not new nor trendy. But if you will commit to them, with perseverance, over time you will begin to see fruit within your fellowship.

The Handbook’s purpose is to see more message bearers (alternative term for missionary) raised up to serve among the unreached/ unengaged. It also aims to empower every member of your local church or campus fellowship to find their role in participating in the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Every believer has a calling in the Great Commission and to see the actualization of the “fulfillment of the Great Commission” requires every believer serving in their ordained role.

This practical handbook provides some of the means to faithfully move in this direction. Are you ready to see your ministry transformed into a Great Commission Ministry? Get this Handbook, and more importantly, start implementing the Four Core Components it highlights.

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