Rethinking Global Mobilization: Calling the Church to Her Core Identity

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Rethinking Global Mobilization: Calling the Church to Her Core Identity


Roughly one-third of the world’s population is still in the category of unreached people groups, having too small of an indigenous Church to adequately reach their own people.

It is common to ascribe reasons for this as the difficulty of the peoples themselves, opposition to the Gospel, lack of finance, and more.

Yet there is much more to why still so many people remain unreached. Could it be because of how the Church understands and engages in mission mobilization?

In Rethinking Global Mobilization, you will learn about God’s big-picture, comprehensive, holistic intent for mission mobilization as calling the global Church to her core identity, in contrast to the common, yet limiting, understanding of mobilization as primarily recruiting individual workers.

By developing a Biblical missiology of mobilization, the whole Church can engage in her priority calling of local and global mission.

Providing Biblical, theological, missiological, theoretical, practical, and historical reflections, Rethinking Global Mobilization addresses needed paradigm shifts in mission mobilization, while providing a strategic framework for a local ministry, organization, church network, and national church to be dynamically engaged in mission mobilization among their own people.

The book affirms that God is preparing the global Church for widespread, comprehensive mission mobilization, in every nation on the earth. The growing number of ministries, organizations, national associations, courses, and conferences devoted to mission mobilization reveal this growing trend. The book aims to bring definition, understanding, clarity, focus, and strategy to this developing move of God.


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