Engaging the 7 Spheres of Society with the Gospel – Part 3

By Stanley Ow Chong Kheng
Stanley is the SVM2 National Lead Facilitator in Singapore.

What To Do Now?

  • What is your gifting? Has God wired you with special liking? Do you have the ‘calling’ and passion to fulfill that role? Do you love God, the Bible and love His people (those who know Him and yet to know Him). Know yourself. Next prepare yourself through disciplined studies and practical hand-on experience.
  • Put on the mindset of Christ. You are firstly a Christian, then your profession. Bring honor to God and His name in whatever that you do.
  • Walk the talk as a believer.
  • Be selfless like Christ. The greatest love is a sacrificial self-giving love to others like Christ. Through losing your lives in service for others, you gain.
  • Be a mentor to others.
  • Be a growing, disciple of Christ- always learning, growing and maturing in faith.
  • Be the best representative for God within the your sphere of influence. Your walk, integrity and lives for God shine brighter and further for Him.
  • God is a creative God. He created the universe. You can be the best creative director, media specialist, scientist, technologist, educator, principals, doctors and researchers. God wants you to be ‘head’ and not the ‘tail.’
  • Introduce God’s curriculum back to the schools. Secularism and alternative lifestyles are creeping into our modern schools. Single-parent children out-number normal children in many Western countries. Western education was established in the early centuries with Biblical values and principles such as Cambridge and Oxford Universities.
  • Leadership that leads by example and life. A great leader is secured and confident in God. He stays focused, has clarity of his earthly mission and eternal destiny and leaves a legacy behind. He loves the people. He also concerned with the welfare of the people like Nehemiah. He has a shepherd heart like the Psalmist.


Can there be a ‘new’ state, order with simple pattern networked together undergo a metamorphosis? This is transformation of society. The world is in a stage of constant change. God is the center of change, transforming us into His likeness and image as He originally planned in Genesis. We can be and shall be like Him.

What will the world and society be like in 2060?

I foresee 2 kinds of government- Utopian idea of perfect ideal, vision and fantasy. Governments and United Nations will work together to ensure peace, respect and fairness.

World religions will live in harmony and compromise. There is a common financial system that is accepted by all nations. The world will come together to tackle challenges of green-house warming effects, terrorism, poverty and hosts of other global challenges.

But this remains an ideal because the basic problem of sin has not been resolved. God requires human’s acknowledgement of sin and forgiveness.

Things are not going to improve or get better. In fact, it is going to be worse in accordance to the Bible in Matthew 24 and other passages.

What about us as believers and message bearers? Can we engage the 7 spheres of society with the gospel? I firmly believe it is possible.

  • The gospel has taken a circle from the West to the East and presently moving back to the West. God’s mighty Spirit is at work throughout this universe.
  • There are more than 100 million believers in China in spite of persecutions and without freedom of worship. God is in control and His church will continue to grow globally. Korea, Philippines, Latin America and Singapore are sending missionaries. Cambodia, certain part of Indonesia, India and other countries are experiencing revivals.
  • Many Western countries will open the doors to the gospel as it was in the beginning of the Early Church. Message bearers will be going to the Western countries firstly for their ethnic peoples and the ‘Whites’ or Westerners. Many people will find their answer to challenging needs through Jesus.
  • With the ‘Back to Jerusalem’ movements initiated by China and later in Nigeria, many Jews will be born again and acknowledge her Messiah.
  • Many nations will be governed by God fearing Presidents, Head of States, Prime ministers etc and they will exalt His Name together with their citizens.
  • More believers and message bearers will boldly engage the 7 spheres of society with the gospel. They will be empowered with His Holy Spirit and doing exploits for Him. Glorifying Him with Biblical convictions and passionate for the millions to know the Savior and Lord.

We can with God’s help.

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