Understanding Generational Awakening

As we prepare for this season of 21 Days of prayer and fasting, it is imperative that we catch God’s vision of what He intends to do in this hour. We are called to participate with God in creating the very thing He has in His heart to bring forth. This is a mystery to us. Why would the limitless God of the universe who can do anything at any moment seemingly stoop to the level of partnering with us frail and weak human beings? The answer is that He is totally given over to relationship with His bride. His husbandly heart is moved with desire as He looks upon His bride and that desire seeks to do all in companionship with her and through her.

In the first article to prepare us for the 21 days, we were called to consider the state of our spiritual lives. God is beckoning each of us to His high calling of personal revival. He desires to revive us from our spiritual slumber, each and every believer who calls upon His name, stimulating a deep desire to individually pursue God with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength. With these revived ones, God is then seeking to bring forth generational awakening. This is a corporate reality among the people of God where due to having our spirits individually revived we now contribute to the corporate whole and move together toward awakening across the generation.

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